Adori Online Handmade Fashions and Crafts

How Adori Got Started

I’m Dori.  I make stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Lots of different stuff.  I LOVE TO MAKE STUFF!

I began sewing at the age of 8.  By high school, I was designing and making almost all of my clothes and some for a few of my friends.  I was always making something but my education up to this point had always been heavy in the maths and sciences.  I never had time for art classes.  By the time I got into college, the expectation was that I would go into some sort of medical or scientific field.  But, I just couldn’t stop making stuff… more clothing and accessories, murals on my professor’s office wall, dabbling in jewelry making, anything creative I could find.

So, I made a decision that surprised (and shocked) my family and friends.  I decided to major in Fashion Design.  This also required me to take art classes of all sorts.  I opened my first “design studio” at the age of 19, contracted out designing puppets, made wedding dresses for friends, outfits for FSU’s alumni greeting girls (actually was paid by a check from Burt Reynolds, an avid FSU supporter — it was hard to cash that check!), and chef’s coats for my then-husband and his chef friends.  All while working at what everyone called “real” jobs.

When my daughter was born, that was an opening for making clothing for her, costumes of all kinds (my Princess Jasmine won an award, although I still think the lobster was the best!), puppets and stages where they could perform, a full kitchen set out of cardboard boxes, all her bedroom and bathroom decor, and projects for her and all her friends.  While she was young, I was a stay at home mom and developed a number of other artistic skills for myself, as well, - jewelry making, metal work, polymer clay - anything I could get my hands on and began teaching classes here and there.

Years later, I was lucky to land an Art Teacher position in the public school system which included teaching clay and stone sculpture.  I have taught at the High School level (where some of my students won awards for their work) and Middle School.  When I decided to retire from teaching, I knew it was time for me to work on what I’ve loved to do all my life.  Make Stuff!  And I couldn’t be happier!  This is what I call a “real” job!